The #NoExcuse campaign was started by Carling Black Label in 2017 and FAN was tasked by ABInBev in 2018 with the on-the-ground roll-out of the movement to communities around South Africa. Working closely wth CBL we developed a multi-pronged strategy to maximise the effectiveness of the #NoExcuse messaging across the nation. Called the Champions for Change programme it focusses on transforming men and equipping and inspiring them to use their strength to love, serve, protect and provide. The programme continues to evolve as we take on board the response of communities and participants. Some of the key elements are: Champ Camps, Champion Conversations, TVET Workshops, Soccer Tournaments, Tavern and Community events.


Port Elizabeth TVET College, Dower

15 May 2019 | Attendees 380 | Situated on the border of Salt Lake and West End, Dower Campus was formerly a training college for teachers and remains very well equipped. The setup for the #NoExcuse workshop was the best of the three Eastern Cape Colleges with audio visual and PA system provided and students well organised.


Soccer Event, Bloemfontein

11 May 2019 | Attendees: 2324 | 103 fired up teams gathered on an icy cold winter’s morning at the University of the Free State’s soccer fields. Students from the University poured in to watch the action and an all-female group of singers and dancers from one of the residences provided entertainment.


Ehlanzeni TVET College, Mthimba

18 April 2019 | Attendees: 100 | An hour outside Nelspruit Mthimba is a small campus with only 568 students. During the workshop students as well as staff members were completely engaged and commented extensively on the link that exists in the community between manhood and money.


Ehlanzeni TVET College, Mlamuti

15 April 2019 | Attendees: 80 | Situated in a rural area called Kamhlushwa 35 minutes from Malelane, Mlumati is one of six Ehlanzeni TVET College campuses and has 1276 students in attendance. The FAN team was warmly received and the vast majority of students who attended the workshop were male.


Capricorn TVET College, Polokwane

9 April 2019 | Attendees: 1000 | Situated close to the centre of town the Polokwane campus served us up over 1000 eager students! There were some alarming stories highlighting how deeply rooted the problem of toxic masculinity and ill-founded cultural and religious practices have been embedded in society.


NWU Potchefstroom, 11/03

11 March 2019 | Attendees: 450 | The #NoExcuse team was invited to provide the keynote speaker at this event that was set up by the university as part of their wellness week. Senior members of the faculty were present including the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Daryl Balia, who opened the session.


Coastal KZN TVET College, Durban

5 March 2019 | Attendees: 309 | Situated close to the University of KZN the Durban Campus is one of 12 campuses that make up the Coastal KZN TVET College. The College was well prepared for the #NoExcuse event with chairs set up in the main hall and members of the SRC actively mobilising students to attend.