Stories and Testimonials

Being in conversation with thousands of men has made us privy to countless heart-rending stories and revealed many of the deep challenges that men in our country are facing. Our team has had the privilege of playing a small part in helping men improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


On-The-Ground Team

As of December 2020, FAN’s in-the-field team consisted of 10 active mentors (3 in Cape Town, 4 in Limpopo, 1 in KZN and 2 in Alex), a Cape Town regional coordinator / facilitator, a Johannesburg based project supervisor and Johannesburg based trainer and facilitator.


Community Events

JULY - DECEMBER 2020 | 24 EVENTS | OVER 2300 ATTENDEES | As lockdown measures were eased the mentors gingerly started running small community events and activations to keep spreading the message and growing the impact, always careful to maintain Covid-19 protocols.


Online Courses

AUGUST - DECEMBER 2020 | 3396 ENROLMENTS | 1224 COMPLETIONS | OVER 40 WORKSHOPS | During lockdown we began the process of developing an online version of the #NoExcuse and 6 Pack booklets. We launched the #NoExcuse online course officially during Women’s Month and have subsequently created Zulu, Afrikaans and Sotho versions.


Women’s Month Campaign

7-31 AUGUST 2020 | 1,161 COURSE SIGN UPS | 152,004 ONLINE ENGAGEMENTS | For Woman’s Month, August 2020, we took a bold step in honour of women. In partnership with Carling Black Label we created and launched the #NoExcuse For Abuse Online course.


Bravest Thing Campaign

APRIL - DECEMBER 2020 | 16 MENTORS | APPROX 10,500 MEN SEEKING HELP | During the first COVID-19 Lockdown, CBL decided to launch a campaign called 'The Bravest Thing' to provide a helpline for men and women who were either victims of abuse or perpetrators / potential perpetrators.


Champion Conversations

FEBRUARY - DECEMBER 2020 | 16 MENTORS | 316 CONVERSATIONS | The plan for 2020 was to train 16 mentors from four different regions (Alex, KZN, Cape Town and Limpopo) to run a series of six conversations with groups of men in their communities.


Corporate Involvement

CORPORATE INVOLVEMENT 2020 FINAL REPORT. Organisations and corporations represent a great opportunity to amplify and spread the NOEXCUSE message and we have been actively engaged in seeking partnerships in both the public and private