Take the Pledge with these brave men.


  • Use my strength to love, protect and provide for my loved ones.

  • Fulfil my responsibilities no matter what the cost.

  • Stand against any form of abuse.

  • Fight for what is right and good.

  • Live by conviction and not convenience.

  • Value people above things.

  • Define myself not by material possessions but by my character, values and the way I treat people.


  • Truly see my children, to discover the essence of who they are.

  • Help my children discover their unique identity.

  • Engage with my children, to regularly set aside quality time to be with them without distractions.

  • Affirm my children by accepting who they are, letting them know that I as their father value them deeply.

  • Love my children, leaving them in no doubt ever that they are deeply loved by me.

  • Bless my children by showing them that I approve of them, seeking opportunities to validate them.

  • Nurture my children by being tender towards them, never harsh or unkind, giving of my strength to comfort them.

  • Protect my children physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Provide for my children to the best of my ability, to give them all that they need to live safely and to receive an education.

  • Teach my children what they need to know to succeed in life, providing them with life skills and education.

  • Discipline my children, by setting clear and consistent boundaries, teaching them right from wrong and not spoiling them.

  • Model the way for my children by making my life an example of all that I want to teach them.

Thank you for taking part in this important movement. #TrueMasculinity