How we take action to end gender-based violence:

  • We go to the heart of the problem – damaged masculinity. And we fix it. We transform men, raise them to become men who love, protect and serve their community and loved ones.

  • We empower women to know their worth and to understand abuse and why it happens. To understand what true masculinity is, what they deserve as women and what they must not tolerate from men.

  • We empower men and women with tools to know how to recognise and understand abuse, how to deal with it and how to win the fight against it.

This all takes place with life-changing workshops and programmes spreading as a movement around the country. The more people we reach and touch. the more we spread the fire.

There are many different ways you can get involved:

  • Invite FAN to run a transformational programme or workshop in your company or organization.

  • Sponsor a programme in a community of school of your choice

  • Sponsor the printing of gender-based violence awareness booklets for community workshops (written by Craig Wilkinson)

  • Make a donation of any size

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